Create a Simple but Pleasurable Writing Ritual

Maybe you write with a cup of coffee or tea. Maybe you write with a special candle lit nearby, or wearing a specific outfit. Maybe you write at the same time each day. Maybe after a walk, or a swim. Maybe your writing ritual is nonexistent because your writing is inconsistent, or simply because you never thought to have one. OR you have one, but don’t know that you do. But take this as your sign to create one! Even if all it is is using a special notebook and pen. The purpose of the ritual is not to distract from the writing, but to tell your brain it’s time to write your special project rather than write all of the other random things you write every day like to do and shopping lists, or random notes. Just remember – it’s not a distraction. It’s meant to be simple.

Published by thegratefulpoet

I am a writer and artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I love to talk about books, writing advice, cats, tea, tarot, yoga & activism.

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