Sign Up for a Local (zoom/online counts too!!) Writing Workshop or Class

My last job (pre-covid)  had an education benefit. Each new school session, they paid for a class up to a certain amount. The only caveat was that the instructor had to let them know that we participated and completed the requirements. The last education benefit I partook in was for a class at the Attic Institute in Portland, along with a friend of mine. Being around other writers is so inspiring. I don’t know about you, but when I go to bookish events (author talks, signings, book con, writing or literature courses), I feel invigorated. My people, I exclaim inside my heart. My people! The workshop was perfectly timed,  as it started during the shutdown.  This group worked so well together, we extended it for a second session.  I met so many great local writers through it to talk shop and make friends with. We started our own critique group together – a decade long dream of mine. 
Writing does not have to be lonely.  It’s hard to find a good group. I tried too many times before this Workshop.  But when you do, hold on to them, and always be on the lookout to be inspired.  You never know who or what will make you tick that day.  By the way, did you know that inspiration is contagious? It was proven in a study by Todd Thrash

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I am a writer and artist living in the Pacific Northwest. I love to talk about books, writing advice, cats, tea, tarot, yoga & activism.

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