What Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Your Art?

Something I found out recently is that agents typically have to work an additionally full time job in order to afford being an agent. Since most agents don’t get paid unless a book they rep sells, their income is as sporadic as a “full time” writer’s. Most of us know that if you are aContinue reading “What Are You Willing to Sacrifice for Your Art?”

Don’t Burn out the Candle. Leave a Little Bit of Flame to Light Your Way

I try to write five to six days out of the week, and I typically try NOT to write for hours and hours on end. It is simply not productive for me to burn myself out trying to be a picturesque slave to the keys. Toward the end of each writing session, I lay theContinue reading “Don’t Burn out the Candle. Leave a Little Bit of Flame to Light Your Way”

Assignment: Freewrite

Now that I scared some of you talking about math the other day (oh my goodness how I wish I was good at mathematics), I wanted to talk about something a little less scary, but scary in its own way. Freewriting. I personally find freewriting daunting at times. It’s my type A personality at warContinue reading “Assignment: Freewrite”

Writing is… Mathematics

Writing can be a little bit of an abstract concept. When we think of a writer sitting down at the typewriter, smoking a cigarette, crumpled pages strewn across the floor, a rush of madness and imaginative spark, a wild inspiration…. we are thinking of FREEWRITING. But writing is a whole lot more than that. WhatContinue reading “Writing is… Mathematics”

Writing releases the tension I feel when I don’t create. Creation is my purpose.

You know that feeling that you get when you haven’t written in a while? It’s a little bit urge, a little bit desperation. You want to scream. You feel like,…you are a lobster trapped in a too-small shell, needing to burst out of your confinement. This feeling is so familiar to me, but I hadContinue reading “Writing releases the tension I feel when I don’t create. Creation is my purpose.”

Assignment for You:

Think about a time where you received criticism you did not agree with on your work. Open a new page, copy and paste the original piece, and use the criticism to see where it takes you. This one is a good one. When I was a baby writer, I thought my work was perfect onContinue reading “Assignment for You:”

Writing is a Fever Dream

When we sit down and do the physical act of writing, it is then that we feel the majority of our emotions about writing. The session might go smoothly, and we feel like, okay we can do this. Or the session might make us want to tear our hair out, either from internal or externalContinue reading “Writing is a Fever Dream”

Writing is Meant to be Shared

Last week we talked about how writing is private, just for you. But the other side of the coin is, writing is meant to be shared. Sometimes before you truly believe it’s “ready” to be seen. If I had it my way, my novel would be published before anyone else reads it. But that’s notContinue reading “Writing is Meant to be Shared”

Writing is Private, Just for You

A good chunk of writing advice centers on “knowing your audience.” Aspiring writers might be told, think about who you want your audience to be, and write it for them. But what if you don’t know who your audience is? How do you find out? The answer is: You don’t, yet. Right now, this writingContinue reading “Writing is Private, Just for You”