Creative Writing Lessons for Kids

I’ll never forget Mrs. Worth’s class in fifth grade. Everything Mrs. Worth taught, even science, was integrated with Language Arts. I still remember lying awake in bed, poetry pouring into my mind. I would get up and scribble the words onto notebook paper and run into class the next day to show her what I’d written, and she always encouraged me, by both teaching me how to improve and celebrating the place I was already in in my work. 20 years later, I’m still writing. Kids are naturally creative and they have the kind of imaginations adults can hardly comprehend.

Especially now, we live in a world where creativity is stomped out, and then we wonder why their report cards don’t reflect how smart we think they are. But did you know that writing helps brains develop the logical functions required for success in math and science? Hence why the focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has moved to STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art and Math). Here are ten reasons you should enroll your child in creative writing lessons:

-Writing improves memory and recall, reading comprehension, and builds vocabulary.

-Writing encourages empathy and positive thinking (just like reading does!)

-Writing is considered crucial for brain development.

-Writing helps kids process trauma and stress (Hello, we are still living through a global Pandemic that thrust kids out of their schools and turned their bedrooms and living rooms into classrooms. Adults can’t even cope.)

-Writing improves focus, dedication, and commitment.

-Remember what happened with Cursive? In the technological age, holding onto reading and writing is hugely important. Don’t let your kids lose their ability to communicate effectively, which is a skill every single job is looking for no matter the field.

-Writing helps kids learn problem solving and analytics. And in the age of fake news, we need bi-partisan critical thinkers who can analyze information and decipher truth from lies. Did you see the outcry in the news during election season, of people wondering where were the critical thinkers? They’re in the Humanities! Humanities are just as important as Isosceles triangles and bunsen burners.

-Writing encourages self-expression. (Both fiction and Journaling!)

-This leads to innovators. If we want more inventors, more philosophers, more world leaders, we need people who write.

-Writing improves organization. Plotting connects them with planning for their future, and their independence.

It’s of no surprise to me that Mrs. Worth went on to become a principal in her district. After her, I had many more teachers who encouraged my creativity. But she is the foundation for all that I know and love today. Not every child has a Mrs. Worth. Most people only have one or two teachers they look back on fondly. I can be another positive influence on your child’s education. I have a Master’s Degree in English, and five years’ experience bookselling (I was the children’s lead at two different bookstores, and know what kids’ obstacles are to their love of reading and writing, as well as what books they love and who they want to emulate). I am also the founder and facilitator of a critique group for adults, and I write and engage with the writing community every day. Please feel free to share this post if it speaks to you. Perhaps you don’t have a child that can benefit from this, but you know someone who does. You can find out about pricing and booking here:

Send me a message and we can get started.

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